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Since 2014

Giving Horse & Ponies a new Lease on Life

Our History

During early 2014, Dean Cowan was working in Narre Warren South and couldn’t help but notice the forlorn little Mini Pony mare on the property. Upon closer inspection he discovered that this pony was obviously neglected, in very bad shape and needed urgent help. She had health issues, too many to mention here. In the third week of 2014, Dean took full responsibility of this little mare and over the next 6 months nursed her back to good health.

Her name is Muffie

Dean and Muffie became the founding members of Pakenham Pony Rescue (Not For Profit) Organisation which has been relocated from Koo-Wee-Rup to a much larger property in Garfield, Victoria.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The mission of Pakenham Pony Rescue (Not for Profit) Organisation is to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain, re-socialise and re-home abandoned, surrendered, mistreated, lost and un-loved Miniature Horses, Ponies and other Equines.

Many of the animals that come to us have had limited handling or have been abused by former “owners”. Some have been neglected to the point of malnourishment and have serious health issues. Our dedicated team, which includes many hardworking volunteers, provide the best of care through selective feeding tailored to each animal to build their strength back up again. Our trusted vet, dentist and farrier complete this intensive programme by providing the all important medical and physical care.

With gentle approaches, regular human contact and expert training we teach these animals to trust again.

As we look to the future we see ourselves developing further, at the larger property, to home more animals and have the scope to implement our plans for improved facilities, including a wash bay, clinic and quarantine area. Meanwhile we must strive to improve public awareness of the plight of these neglected animals in the hope that their humans will learn how to provide the proper care that they deserve.

Pakenham Pony Rescue Organisation Muffie
Save a Life

Give that they may Neigh!

Pakenham Pony Rescue Organisation (PPRO), is a not for profit organisation and relies solely on generous donations and the work of volunteers to love, cherish, feed, shelter and retrain our Rescue Ponies.

Any Donation, be it money, feed for the Ponies, building supplies and your time is truly & greatly appreciated.