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Volunteer your Time

Support our Ponies, Become a Pony Friend!

We are supported by many volunteers who do a range of tasks with the organisation. Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills, meet new people, give back to the community, and allows you to meet some truly adorable Ponies. The Pakenham Pony Rescue (Not for Profit) Organisation greatly appreciates our team of volunteers.

Please send an email to to enquire about volunteering.

Some examples tasks include:

Pony Human Servant
– Brushing Ponies
– Cleaning Paddocks
– Socialisation skills with Ponies
– Feeding Ponies (depending on time of day)
– Cleaning and filling water troughs
General Help
– General construction duties
Event Help
– Setting up and packing up
– Supervising Ponies
– Interacting with the general public
– Serving customers
– Sales – money handling

Frequently Asked Questions
How old must I be to volunteer with the Ponies?

PPRO accepts volunteers from 14 years of age, with parent or Guardian Consent. Children under 14 years of age may attend, but must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

When do you need volunteers?

We welcome volunteers at PRC every day and we willingly work around the times that suit you. On weekends we are usually at Fundraisers or local Community Events. Volunteers are welcome to assist at these.

What is the time commitment?

We work around the times that suit our Volunteers. Some volunteers come out once or twice a week, while some volunteers come out fortnightly or monthly. We have volunteers that spend the day at PRC, others stay for an hour or two. Some of our volunteers only assist at our weekend events. We ask that if you can’t attend at your usual time, you let us know as early as possible.

What do volunteers do?

We endeavour to match tasks with what volunteers are comfortable with and capable of.

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