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We Appreciate any Donations you can Give!

We appreciate donations of any amount, a small gift of $10 can provide hay, bandages, or a new toy.

Monetary donation are the most useful as they allow the organisation to distribute funds wherever they are most needed. Your donation goes directly to the care of the Ponies. This includes feed, vet visits, grounds and fencing maintenance, farrier appointments, quality training and much more.

Donations of horse and pony supplies such as halters, brushes, leads, rugs, etc. Feed and other consumables are also very welcome!

Building materials including wood, screws, gravel, bathtubs, power tools, etc are also very welcome. We construct and maintain all facilities on site including stables, sheds, fencing, drives, etc and greatly appreciate any donations towards this.

Please contact us via or  0414 310 600 to arrange item based donations.

They Need our love & support too, please make a donation♥










Make a Donation - Pakenham Pony Rescue Organisation (PPRO)